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A mom’s take on her first photo journey

Pregnancy photographerWhen you announce to the world that you are soon to be a mom it’s like the stage lights go on, the music queues and out of nowhere many an experienced mother will offer their free advice.  The one thing that moms kept saying (and one of the few things I totally agreed with) is that time goes quickly and that we had to preserve special memories for our child.  (After all, our parents didn’t have the luxury of the digital world with instant video to capture first steps and voice recording for those first words).

At 7 months I looked at myself in the mirror and decided that selfies and the occasional Snapchat at home weren’t going to cut it.  If I was going to preserve memories of our little poppet’s last days in my belly we’d need a little extra magic with some strategic lighting and professional direction.

Enter Peter + Jordan…

newborn photographerBeing very hormonal with a million ideas, I was really impressed with their professionalism and that rare ability to make you feel like you are in good hands – that feeling that I wouldn’t look like a hippo like some of the horror stills I’ve seen on the internet.

We spoke about our journey from final month, to baby, to toddler.  The style we wanted to keep throughout this journey and how we were going to capture personality and the “real” – because life isn’t posed.

During the maternity shoot everyone was very attentive making sure that I was comfortable at all times.  It might have been because I was going into hospital the next day and they were worried about delivering baby in the studio but never the less I felt very special and well looked after.

Baby photographer Johannesburg

Receiving the photos reaffirmed that I’d chosen the right partners and when it came to our son’s first shoot I was confident that the level of care and detail would ensure we get the best out of the session.  Peter + Jordan once again took great care to ensure we were comfortable and our every requirement was catered for – down to additional wet wipes (just in case).  Again, beautiful images that capture “the real”.

Our next visit was just after Jonathan’s first birthday.  This time, mobile with free will in hand he added many a moment of laughter for all at the shoot.  Even nap time was captured in beautifully styled images of things little boys dreamed of.

Heading well into year two we have marked our next visit with Uncle Peter and Aunty Jordan.  This time they might be able to give our darling little boy more art direction but I’m not putting any money on that.

So what do I have to show for my journey with Peter+Jordan?

Beautiful stills, canvasses that will remind me daily of how quickly my baby became a toddler and photo books that have become a talking point on my coffee table (or lately a higher shelf).  But also real moments and precious memories that have been captured perfectly that I can’t thank them enough for.

So my advice to the soon-to-be-mom that just made her announcement to the world: choose the right partner to preserve your precious memories.  Because when they are growing at the speed of knots it’s all you are going to have to remember those early days.

Baby Photography Johannesburg


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