Please note that the work of Peter + Jordan Photography has a copyright, why would you want to copy it, rather come in for a shoot, and if you a photographer it is just wrong to copy someone elses images? ;)

How to use and navigate our website

Using the other menus

How to use our website

How to use and navigate our website is an easy task, but to simplify matters even further we have created a few how to videos for you.

Home Page

Our home page is a slide show that rotates showing you the different types of photography we offer, at any stage you can press the forward or back button located roughly in the middle edge of the left and right side of the screen.  You can also pause a particular screen.  At any time can you enter the style of photography that interests you by simply pressing the enter ****** button.



How to use the Portrait Photography

 When you click on the Portrait Photography menu tab and that of the other menus you will see a pull down menu giving you several options;
 Each of these menus gives you a different amount of information to give you the best of options to make you mind up, the process is the same for all of our other styles of photography.



About Portrait plus Family Photography and the other menus

This section will cover the information about what we have to offer and possibly even give you a few ideas.




Portrait Gallery and Family Portrait Gallery

A portfolio of our images, these galleries will show you our style of photography, the images that you will receive, although totally different, will have a similar style within our session with you.  You would use the same process to visit all of our galleries be it Wedding Photography of Event photography under Photography Services menu.



Portrait and Family Photography Prices

The prices of our services differ, please click on the pricing of the services you choose.  This will allow you to budget for the package that will best suit your investment.  We also give you a variety of choices to add on if you see the benefit to further your investment in you.  We have prints, frames, books, hair stylists etc.



These menus are the same for Senior Photography, Wedding Photography and Maternity Plus Baby Photography.

We have a number of other menus with useful information, please navigate through our website to find this information.   You can find out contact details, a map to our studio, how to prepare for your shoot etc.


How to use and navigate our website

How to use and navigate our website is an easy task, but if you have any questions about any of our packages or are confused as to the navigation of our website, then please do not hesitate in contacting us.