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Photography Services

Photography Services 

We offer many different types of photography, this page, photography services , will give you an idea of what else we will offer.

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Portrait Photography

What is Portrait Photography?

This form of photography is sometimes called portraiture. Essentially it is a photograph of a person or a group of people where the photographer captures the mood and personality of the subject.  The main emphasis will be of their expression.  Although portraiture normally focuses on the subjects face, the entire body and the background or the context (environment) can be included.  This can often cross lines with Corporate Portraiture where a photographer will be called into a company to take images of their staff withing the work environment.

At Peter+Jordan photography we strive to stick to the above however, we will endeavor to photograph what you want.  Our style of photography is going to be very similar to what you see in the various galleries on the pages within this site.  You can read more about how we see this form of photography in our about section.

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What is family portrait photography?

Family portrait photography is the same as the above, but we will capture what we see as the essence of your family.  We can do our session offsite at your home, in a picnic area or fishing at your favourite dam, the list would be endless.  We will be capturing those special moments in time with your most loved ones. We will assist you in posing the family, ensuring you are all looking at the camera.  Family portraiture, particularly with young kids can be a little stressful, but allow us to be the directors of the shoot to take the stress of you.

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What is Animal Portrait Photography?

Animal Portrait Photography would be exactly the same as normal portrait photography as we would be capturing your favourite pet or pets in a similar way to that of a human.


Senior Photography

What is senior photography?

Senior Photography are essentially photos taken in the senior years of school.  These sessions are very common in the USA, they are used in graduation announcements, year books, to give to parents and family or as a reminder of these most influential years of your life.

We do not really use the term senior photography in South Africa, many might even call it matric farewell photography.

Senior Photography South Africa  Senior Photography South Africa  Senior Photography South Africa

How do Peter+Jordan Photography interpret senior photography?  As we are South Africans we will put our spin onto it.  We would put anyone in the age range of 16-20 in their senior education years, be they at school, college or university.

We will be discussing more ideas on the about page but in essence we would like to capture these  moments be it on the sports field, park dam or river, with your guitar, at school, campus or in our studios.  Your choices of venue are limitless.

These are the years where you will probably looking your best and although you will have hundreds of photos of you taken by your friends and family we would suggest having a few professional images taken too.  You will probably want an album to remind you of your formidable years and so many wish that they could go back down memory lane with a set of printed professional images.

Boudoir Photography

What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir Photography is a form of intimate photography.  This style of photography is perfect as a gift to yourself or your partner that has everything.  Many brides choose a boudoir session prior to getting married to give to the groom while he is getting ready.  We fuse many styles of sensual photography into one of our shoots from Nude Photography to alluring, provocative and sensual lingerie photography.  Due to the mature content of these images we will direct you to our sister company of which Peter and Jordan are the owners and photographers.

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Wedding Photography

What is wedding photography?

Wedding photography is the taking of photos of the activity relating to the nuptials of all cultures.  Depending on the photographic packages offered or chosen, this can include an engagement photography session, a boudoir photography session.  These images would then be used for announcements or thank you cards.  The boudoir session photos might be given to the groom on the morning of the wedding to show him what is going to be coming down the aisle, not that he will need much reminding, but it is that extra special gift.

Wedding Photography South Africa  Wedding Photographer South Africa, Wedding Photography South Africa  Wedding Photographer South Africa, Wedding Photography South Africa

The wedding preparation might be photographed with the bride and groom getting ready.  The wedding ceremony and reception will then also be covered.  The couples are then usually given the choice of the cake being cut as well as the first dance.

Peter+Jordan Photography have heard many wedding horror stories where brides have tried to save a little money and gotten their close friends and family to take images on this special day, people that are not that familiar with wedding photography.  The results can be tragic, never trust an amateur photographer with the memories of such an important day.  You can read up more in the about section as to what we offer and how we view the wedding we shoot.  As a reminder the images depicted in our gallery will be a good indication of the style of wedding photography that we will be offering you on this important life changing day.


Maternity and Baby Photography

Maternity plus Baby Photography

Maternity plus Baby Photography go hand in hand and that is why we have linked these two fantastic photographic opportunities for you to indulge yourself in. We can do a photojournalism experience of your entire adventure from a pregnancy shoot all the way to your child’s first birthday.


What is maternity photography?

Maternity photography is often referred to as pregnancy photography.   Maternity photography is the capturing or even documentation of how a woman’s body changes during pregnancy.  It is becoming increasingly popular.

Peter+Jordan Photography will capture your body in a beautiful and artistic manner in both artificial light and studio lights, we will take care of the posing to give you the best images possible.  Pregnancy photography is so rewarding as we know we are going to get to see your little bundle of joy soon after our maternity photo session.

To find out more, go to our about section and then also do not forget to see our style of photos in the gallery section, these photos will be similar to what you will receive.

Maternity Photographer South Africa, Maternity plus Baby Photography  Maternity Photographer South Africa, Maternity plus Baby Photography  Maternity Photographer South Africa, Maternity plus Baby Photography


What is baby photography?

Baby photography is also referred to as newborn photography.  We like to call it baby photography as we recommend capturing the true milestones, newborn, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year old.  Newborn photography is relatively new in South Africa but very popular in the USA where it is well established for over fifteen years or so and in the United Kingdom around five years.

We typically like to schedule a newborn session as soon as possible, around five to ten days after birth.  Although we are more than happy to take these pictures later, we strongly recommend that you have this session within the first two weeks.   The reason being is that it makes a huge different in the type of poses we are able to position the baby in and whether they will like it or not but the age of your newborn will dictate how the photo session is going to run.

Baby Photographer South Africa, Maternity plus Baby Photography  Baby Photographer South Africa, Maternity plus Baby Photography  Baby Photographer South Africa, Maternity plus Baby Photography

To find out more, go to our about section and then also do not forget to see our style of photos in the gallery section, these photos will be similar to what you will receive.

Maternity plus baby photography is so special to us and we would love to share these very precious moments with you.


Professional Head-Shot Photography

What is Professional Head-Shot?

Professional Head-Shot photography is becomming more sort after by companies wishing to create a professional image by showing off their staff with a brief bio of what services each member of staff offers.  These are used on their website, newsletters, brochures, company portfolios and social media platforms.

Corporate Headshots  Professional Headshots  Company Portraits

Corporate Photography

What is corporate photography?

Corporate photography are photographic head shots mostly in digital format for the use in the company’s website or other industry specific sites, to engage in social media and in many cases the print format would be used around the offices.  Companies like to have images of their staff to be able to use in press releases and to visualise the different aspects of a business, they are often used for advertising purposes.

With Peter+Jordan Photography services, you will have the choice of having these shots done in either our studio or your place of work.

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Product Photography

What is product photography?

Product photography covers a wide array of subjects, but essentially it is the photography of anything that you are going to use to market your business.

Product Photographer   Product Photographer   Product Photographer


Event Photography

What is event photography?

Event photography has a wide definition from birthday parties to pictures of your employees and guests at your various corporate events such as conferences, receptions, sales events, Christmas parties, birthday parties, sporting events, etc.  We have many other different forms of photography services, please inquire if there is something now listed here.

Event Photographer South Africa, Photography Services    Event Photographer South Africa, Photography Services    Event Photographer South Africa, Photography Services


Fitness Photography

What is fitness photography?

Fitness photography could also be referred to as physique photography, this form of photography is similar to portrait photography but rather than concentrating on the face, we will focus on your body.  This type of photography is perfect for bodybuilders and fitness models.

Fitness Photographer   Fitness Photographer   Fitness Photographer

What other photography services do you offer?

Be it a model portfolio that you need updating or creating, underwater photography, wildlife photography landscape photography, architectural photography or you may simply be looking product photography, do not hesitate in asking us if we can offer it to you and prepare the relevant quote, some of these fees may not be contained within our price list.

Boudoir Photography Workshops

We also specialise in Boudoir Photography workshops for professional and amateur photographers. Please ask us for details.  Here is an example of the course content and the pricing you could expect to pay.

Boudoir Photographer