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About Us

What we offer:


small classes of maximum 10 learners

  • CAPS curriculum
  • dedicated, qualified teachers
  • Academix© reading programme Gr.1-12
  • essential and practical life skills
  • educational outings
  • grade 1 – 7 small classes.
  • balance board therapy
  • computer literacy
  • speech correction therapy
  • full mainstream programme
  • scribes
  • study skills
  • exam support
  • brain gym
  • doing differently
  • auditory, visual and kinesthetic teaching methods
  • counseling psychologist at hand
  • educational psychologist at hand
  • Davis Orientation assessment™ and facilitation

Tutor the Future believes in a well-balanced education, incorporating many practical lessons to help understanding, improving self-esteem and self-belief. All teachers have been exposed to the “Doing Differently” technique to further their skills in the classroom.  Educational outings take place throughout the year and learners attend a 2 night camp. Guest speakers are brought in to discuss relevant topics. Extra study courses are also presented to ensure a good grounding and help with revision.

Educational support is given if the learner is struggling during class and exams by allowing extra time. A counseling psychologist visits TTF to assist with personal growth and acceptance. If it is found that the learner qualifies for educational support, scribes and time concessions are allowed.