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About Maternity plus Baby

About Maternity plus Baby

Pregnancy photographer

About Maternity plus Baby photography is an overview of what to expect on your shoot as well as giving you a few ideas.

A maternity shoot is a wonderful way to capture the beauty of pregnancy. By 9 months most woman just feel like a big lump, but it is a time when our bodies have uniquely transformed to carry our baby. It’s something we can’t really appreciate at the time which is why a maternity shoot is the perfect opportunity to have soft artistic images which you can look back at and be proud of what you accomplished. A pregnant woman is one of the most beautiful images we are privileged to capture in our work. It is a very intimate photography session with elements of the beauty and glow showing your inherent joy..

Some mothers like to come in every month for a few images, to capture their dramatically changing body.   If you are just looking for a “baby bump” photograph, then try to make an appointment as late as possible, as the bigger your tummy, the better the images will be. This is the only time you will be told to stick your tummy out!

Many mothers to be will bring the father in to join her in the shoot.  Pregnancy is a very emotional stage as a new life grows in you, we want to assist you with your memories by capturing this intimate and powerful miracle. The great thing about having done so many pregnancy photography shoots is that we know exactly how to light and pose you to best show off your bump.  We would really recommend that you also pamper yourself and either take a package that includes make up or add make up as an added extra.

How to prepare for a maternity shoot

  • Try not to do too much the day before and have a good night’s rest, a photoshoot can be very tiring.
  • Bring some of babies outfits, blankets or toys that can be used in the shoot.
  • As your bump is going to be on show make sure you moisturize your tummy and body very well.
  • If your partner is coming with make sure you have told him the date and time, then tell him again, and probably again!


Newborn Photography

Baby photographer JohannesburgYour new-born stages are very fleeting and magical, never will they be this tiny, sleepy and precious, so preserve this little miracle with our Baby First Year Package at Maternity, New-born, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

The get those best images of a new-born the session must be scheduled within the first 14 days of being born, while the best time is usually within 2 – 7 days of life. They usually discover stretching around day 8 and once they discover this fine art they usually fight when you try to get them into those cute poses. Prior to that we can move them around a place them in those adorable sleep images and it is far easier to handle them. Please note that we will always have a jar of hand disinfectant that we will be using regularly.

After their 14th day it’s almost impossible to get them into that deep sleep, after all there is just so much to now discover and we will not get those cute bendy new-born poses. The other thing to keep in mind is new-born acne (and sometimes colic) which is likely to flare up after day 14. We would prefer not to do too much retouching on a babies skin, so in essence; babies just do far better within our sessions during their first 7 days.

3 Month Baby Photography

Your baby is three months old and can now do so much more, their neck muscles are becoming stronger and soon they might even be able to roll over.  They will be constantly surprising you with their new-found abilities.  You baby may even be babbling in a way as there are developing language.  You should really have these moments professionally captured in a photo shoot.

newborn photographer

6 Month Baby Photography

Your baby is now growing up so fast; you actually want to slow the process down, you are half way through their first year.

Your life is about to get messy, your baby is watching you eat, possibly getting ready for solid.  Your baby is probably even rolling over at this stage and although nerve racking to you both of you can find this quite amusing.  Your baby’s control over its gorgeous little hands is developing very quickly and can now pull objects towards themselves.  We are going to be capturing many of these moments in our 3 month old baby photography session.

Bring your partner or mother in to join you on your photo shoot, granny will have nothing but love for her new grand child.  We will pose you individually with the baby as well as a family.  These shoots are always a lot of fun.

1 Year old Toddler Photography

Baby Photography Johannesburg

Happy birthday little baby!  You have made it through the first year the baby years are behind you, prepare yourself for and say hello to the toddler years.  You baby is about to start exploring and if they not doing so already they are going to start discovering the world in an upright position.  They probably also developing their sense of humour and will laugh at so many trivial things, don’t forget to laugh with them.  Wait until you baby tells you they love you.  You really should be having these moment professionally captured with both you and your baby.

Don’t forget about us now, toddlers can arguably be the most photogenic beings on the planet, we can capture shots of your toddlers doing what they do best, playing.  We will either come to your home or bring them into our studio and allow us to entertain them during a photo shoot.