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About Corporate, Event Professional Headshot Photography

Corporate photography

About Photography Services Corporate Photography EventsMany corporations spend a fortune on their websites but do not invest in professional photography. Your professional photographs will yield a return on the investment as there are so many different uses for them.

Your images will create the feeling of professionalism that you would like to create with your clientele, they will increase the overall perception of the value of your business goods or services. Low quality images could actually have the reverse effect damaging potential customer opinion. You know the research, it is said that during an interview the candidate only has a few seconds to create an impression and this is done visually, well your customers will be doing the same thing with you.

Research has shown that many customers will go to the ‘About Us’ page and look at the images of the staff to get an impression of who they may be dealing with.

Lets have a look at the benefits of commercial photography:

Corporate head-shots

Corporate headshots and portrait photographyWe know that customers want to know who they are dealing with in a business and will go and have a look at your online images be they on your website or on other social media platforms, the importance of having these images professionally taken is therefore really important. You have several choices here, you can come into our studio or we can come to you. We can either use a modern, clean white or black backdrop or other if you would prefer.

Many companies are now asking for their images to be taken within the workplace, this is often referred to as a location portrait, these images will be taken either at their desk, boardroom, private jet, in the field or other places of work.

Don’t forget you security and parking attendants if you customers are going to come in contact with them, it will show that you care about everyone in your business.

Having your portraits taken in a business environment produces a very engaging picture and also tells the viewer about your business at the same time.

Product Photography

If you have an online shop it is really important for you customers to see exactly what they are purchasing, having professional images taken of these products is of paramount importance. It could be argued that there is a direct link between using high quality images in your marketing and the effect that this has on sales. Don’t fall into the trap of focusing on the cost of photography versus the benefit it will provide in your marketing campaign.

Event Photography

About Photography Services Corporate Photography EventsAwards evening, product launches functions and parties, team building and gala dinners, these should all be covered photographically, we can even add the little extra by organising a photo booth for you.

If you have a corporate event or team building exercise do not overlook hiring a photographer to record the event, the team building exercise will be further enhanced by giving your staff good quality images of themselves which in many cases could build morale.

If you are having a company event, the high quality images given to your clients will probably be posted on various social media platforms thereby giving your company indirect marketing.

When we cover your corporate functions be it a launch, press release or gala dinners – we will cover the setup, the décor and interacting with the guests, we know just what needs to be done to get the best shots that capture the mood of your event.