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About Portrait plus Family Photography

About Portrait plus Family Photography

Family Portrait photography About Portrait plus Family PhotographyAt Peter + Jordan Photography we have a motto; “where an image is not just a picture, but an experience.”  Our photoshoots are a fun adventure to be enjoyed by all, not to mention also getting the photographs you want.  Have a look at our style in our galleries, as your images will be very similar, one of the reasons you will choose us.  In this section, About Portrait and Family Photography, we will give you a little advice on why you should do a professional photoshoot and a how to prepare for the shoot.

So why, with all the photos we take on our phones, would you need to do a professional photo shoot? The problem is that all those images are on social media such as Facebook and not on our walls in our home. Images create memories, having the whole family together for a shoot creates excitement resulting in beautiful prints to proudly display at home.

Either Peter or Jordan will have a chat with you to get an understanding of you and your family, what your personalities are and also what your interests are to create photographs that are unique and individual. If you would like to pop into the studio before a shoot this can easily be arranged by appointment.

If you decide to do a family portrait session, we will photograph each member of your family individually and then end off with a group image.  Each person gets the chance to be professionally posed and incorporate something that is personal to them if they would like.

Most women only get one day to be the center of attention, to feel glamorous and be the most beautiful person in the world, their wedding day. This is your opportunity to once again feel gorgeous. This is not just your usual experience of walking into a shop and having a quick ID style picture taken. Our portraiture experience is designed around making you feel special and appreciated, we want to you walk out with images that make you go wow! Peter + Jordan Photography photograph contemporary fashion styled portraits of women that will rival any couture fashion magazine.  Experience the glamour of feeling like a model, where all the attention is on you.

This is also makes for the perfect girls day out, bring your best friend your sister, mother or partner and enjoy the experience together, as we like to say at our studio: “where an image is not just a picture, but an experience.” Bring a bottle of “bubbly” and some snacks and make a morning or afternoon of it. Make sure you have told your hubby to take you out that night as you are going to have professional make up on; you are going to feel amazing about yourself.

The images you receive should not just be kept in electronic format for social media like Facebook, but also displayed on your walls.  We have a number of products that you can choose from, be it an A1 canvas of the family to a contemporary frame in your living room.  Our printers have been specially chosen for their high quality workmanship and products.  Please allow 14-21 working days for any prints to be finalized by our printers.

How to prepare for your portrait photography shoot

  • Family Portrait photographer South Africa About Portrait plus Family PhotographyIf you are a woman we do recommend that you choose the optional make up session, as we only use make up that is suitable for photography, giving that extra edge to your images
  • Wear solid coloured clothing, you do not want your face to compete with what you wear.
  • Choose tones that are muted and possibly a bit subdued.
  • Try to choose similar tones for your bottom or your top, either light or dark.
  • Tops with sleeves all the way to the elbow are normally quite flattering, but not a necessity
  • Look at keeping your jewelry very minimalistic and simple.
  • If you are going for a beach look, go bare feet or wear flip flops, otherwise choose dark socks and shoes.
  • Your hair you can wear normally although we can arrange a stylist for you, please see the pricing options.
  • For men we would recommend long pants and then for ladies a skirt or dress coming below the knees, unless you are going for that sexy look, but then you should consider a Boudoir Photography shoot.
  • For men we recommend a clean shaved face, unless the stubble look is your usual look.

How to prepare for a family shoot

  • For group or family portraits choose one to four colours, look for similar tones and then get everyone to get something within that colour pallet, you don’t have to all get the exact same colour, in fact we would advise against it.  Here is an example, if you are going for a soft tone look at tan, lighter olive greens and denims.  If you are going for dark tones look at dark green, navy and burgundy.
  • You can also use this tool that we have found, simply upload a selfie of other image of yourself into Pictaculous and you will receive your personal colour pallete.


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